Friday, 21 July 2017


I’d collect all the leaves 
To make you a bed in my forest.
While I’d lie next to you
My body would grow feathers.

I’d start floating, oh no,
I’d start going away.
While I’d be speaking to you
You’d be sleeping and absent.

I’d take care of you
I’d hold you in my arms
If only I could take you with me
Or pluck my plumes out

Would you come?


Thursday, 15 June 2017


I open my mouth
Willing to let my voice explain
What has not been written yet,
Understood or attained

Over the walls of my mind
I let my feelings go through
And I have the sense I’m there
No, you can’t hear me. I’m mute

I’m the shadow I never wanted to be
The odd dark silhouette
Made of struggle,
Incomprehension and mess. 

I fall into the void
That it’s your look of confusion
I have the urge of being trusted
Get me out of this delusion

How much of this can I take
No, I’m not blaming anyone,
I did it all myself,
I did it all alone

If only I could evaporate
And burn this pain out
I see you walking away
There’s no time left to dither now

Battle with my heart
War on my own
Poking in it needles from my brain
I drown into my thoughts


Saturday, 28 January 2017


From: Llers, Alt Empordà
By: Anna Ferrusola Pastrana
    A veces noto unas manos 
    que resiguen mi cuerpo,
    me cogen y apartan a un lado.

    A veces son unos dedos. 
    Me señalan, aprietan moratones, 
    me arañan.

    A veces no me tocan, a veces ni se acercan.
    Pero me miran, fijamente, 
    para que yo los sienta.

Y a la larga te acostumbras, intentas dejarlo a un lado.

Pero lo que tu no sabes es que son los fantasmas del pasado.